T-Mobile responds to Verizon’s new “unlimited” plan via Twitter


T-Mobile has been a very disruptive force when it comes to changing the face of American telecom companies, so it’s no surprise that CEO John Legere is crowing about it on Twitter. A few days ago Verizon announced that its “unlimited” plan (throttled at 22GB) is making a comeback in an effort to entice customers to continue to use its network. They even threw in free phones when you trade-in a qualifying device when you make the switch.

John Legere responded on Twitter today and in his usual no-holds barred approach he really sticks it to Verizon for waiting this long to return their customers to their version of unlimited data.

Of course, Legere and T-Mobile aren’t going to rest on their laurels now that Verizon has finally given in to the demands of customers and started offering unlimited data on their network. Legere announced via Twitter that the new T-Mobile One plans will include HD video and 10GB of high-speed hotspot data, all at no extra charge. That also includes taxes and fees.

I’m surprised to see John Legere doesn’t mention that these unlimited plans aren’t truly unlimited, given that Verizon has small print that allows them to throttle your usage once you exceed 22GB in a given month. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, as T-Mobile engages in the same practice with their T-Mobile ONE plans. Once you exceed 26GB in a billing cycle, T-Mobile also reserves the right to throttle your usage until that data ends.

Hey John Legere, let’s work on the meaning of the word unlimited and take it back to what it really means. Unlimited. No limits. No throttling. Use as much as you want with no repercussions. That’s truly unlimited.
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