Verizon surprisingly reintroduces Unlimited Data plans starting at $80 per month


Well, well, well. It seems that Verizon is actually listening to its customers as the carrier has reintroduced unlimited data plans. There are a few caveats, as you would expect, but it’s not enough to deter everyone away.

Starting tomorrow, you can get a single smartphone line with unlimited data for just $80 per month. If you have a family of 4, you’ll be able to get unlimited data for $45 per line, bringing your total to $180 per month.

The $80 per month plan can be achieved only after signing up for “paper-free billing and AutoPay”. From there, you will have 22GB of 4G LTE data at your disposal, and once that cap has been reached, your data speeds will be throttled.

In addition to getting unlimited data, Verizon is also offering the following features with your $80 plan:

  • HD Video streaming (720p)
  • 10GB of tethering data (3G after the 10GB has been used)
  • Unlimited call and text to Mexico and Canada
  • 500MB 4G LTE data roaming in Mexico and Canada

The HD video streaming is important to point out due to other carriers offering limited streaming options. For example, T-Mobile offers throttled video streaming at just 480p, compared to the 720p offered by Verizon’s new plan.

However, unlike T-Mobile, Verizon will continue to offer its S, M, and L plans. This will be great for someone who doesn’t need unlimited data. Finally, Verizon is also offering connected devices, such as the LG Watch Sport or Wear24, to be added to your plan for just $5 per month.

Let us know if you’ll be switching back to Verizon once these plans are officially available tomorrow.



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