LG G6 will have Quad-DAC support like the V20


The LG G6 is just around the corner and LG is already announcing some features. The G6 will have Quad-DC support by the company “ESS”. This is the same great audio that was first available on the LG V20. “DAC” is digital to analog converter, which reduces noise by up to 50% more than a single DAC.

The G5 was able to get Hi-Fi DAC with a Bang & Olufsen module, but the modules for the G5 never took off. Having it built right into the phone is a much better implementation. In a world where companies are removing headphone jacks and pushing people to Bluetooth, it’s nice to see LG put an emphasis on audio quality. Is this something you care about?

[via LG (Korean)]

Joe Fedewa
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