AT&T may carry the LG Watch Sport


Check AT&T off as one of the carriers expected to offer the LG Watch Sport once it’s made available. The watch is expected to come with dedicated LTE internals so you can use it without having your phone nearby.

We’re hopeful AT&T won’t be the only carrier to offer it, but we imagine it’d be easy enough to get it going on other networks if their radios are compatible.

With that, we get another last minute look at the thing before a supposed launch later today. It’s here in Blue and Grey color variants, and not lost on us is the fact that the watch faces show a February 9th date which was supposed to be its original launch date. We suppose that could still be the truer expectation, but with just hours to go either way we won’t spend much more time stressing over its arrival. Let’s go already!

[via Twitter, PhoneArena]

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