Samsung Bixby will support as many as 8 languages at launch


Samsung seems to be pulling out all the stops for their voice assistant known as Bixby. It’ll have clean integration with Samsung Pay and we even expect it to be able to utilize the camera in some fashion.

Some have said it’s the most advanced AI integration for a smartphone yet, though without any details to go on we’ll have to treat that as pre-launch hype. One thing that can be said for it, though, is that it’ll support a decent number of languages at launch.

Samsung is said to have 7-8 languages ready to roll for Bixby at launch. It’s not a huge number considering the amount of languages in the world, but it’s more than the 5 that Google Assistant launched with, and should be able to cover a wide spectrum of Samsung’s customers.

For now, only English, Korean, and Chinese are identified, so we’ll have to wait for more information to see who else’s native tongue will be included.

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