DEAL: Unlocked Moto Z discounted to an incredibly reasonable $450


The Lenovo Moto Z was one of last year’s best smartphones thanks to a sleek design, top notch specs, and an ever expanding lineup of modular accessories. It was easily one of the more interesting devices of last year, the only thing holding it back was its premium price tag.

Still available for $700 direct from Motorola’s website, you can now find the unlocked Moto Z for an incredibly reasonable $450 — an even better deal than when we saw it drop to $500 a few months ago. Since this is the unlocked model, you can expect full compatibility with AT&T and T-Mobile networks — but not Verizon. Also, since we’re talking about the paper thin model you may want to consider investing in one of the Moto Z’s Moto Mods (like the Incipio OffGrid power pack, or the TUMI model).

At $450, the Moto Z (64GB) is now priced perfectly to take on the OnePlus 3T, another “affordably” priced Android device. But a new year marks a new crop of Android devices with devices like the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, and more just around the corner, but also with much fuller prices. If you’re looking to jump on this (and I wouldn’t blame you), link provided below.

Buy on Amazon: Moto Z

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