Plus model is expected to dominate Samsung Galaxy S8’s production schedule


Samsung has gotten a pretty good idea as to which model of their Galaxy S series is most popular thanks to 2 straight years of the 1-2 punch strategy. The Edge model has always proven to be the top dog.

That trend looks poised to continue with the Galaxy S8. It’s said the equivalent “Plus” model (remember, both devices are said to be getting understated Edge displays this go around) will be eating up 70% of Samsung’s production schedule from the get go.

That leaves a meager 30% for the smaller Galaxy S8. It may sound alarming at first, but remember that this is on a global scale, and if the demand is close to Samsung’s estimation (and if history is anything to go on) then it should be no problem for fans of the more pocketable device to find them aplenty.

[via Naver]

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