Google’s Awareness API was used to automatically generate personality dresses


Google has been exploring unique ways to use the data that offered by the Awareness API. If you don’t remember, this API was created to give app developers a tool that lets their app learn more about their users.

Data such as your location, typical weather conditions, your current activity (jogging, driving, etc) and more are all on tap through the awareness API. Developers don’t have access to any of this information and it’s not personally identifiable, and it’s all used to help make apps more personal.

So, aside from obvious applications — such as a movie app grabbing your location to turn up local showtimes and what have you — Google thought it cool to use the data to generate digital dresses. An app by fashion group Ivyrevel takes the data it gets to generate dress designs using an algorithm.

From just looking at their sample, it’s clear the app uses building and street shapes from Google Maps to create the various bold lines you see throughout it, though we’re not sure whether any other data determines any other shapes. We’re not expecting frequent Taco Bell lovers to have tacos on their dress, of course, but we’ve heard of stranger things.

In any case, we’re curious to see how everyone’s dress looks based on their habits, and you can bet we’ll be looking to gather designs from around the Phandroid offices and maybe even you folks in the comments section to compare and contrast. We’re not yet sure when we’ll get that opportunity, though, as the app is not yet available to the public. You can sign up to trial it early right here.

[via Google]

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