This is Google Home’s big 2017 Super Bowl commercial [VIDEO]


Earlier this week we learned that Google would be spending $5 million for the chance to advertise Google Home during this year’s Super Bowl. That’s not exactly chump change and like most of you, we expected Google to pull out all of the stops with some wildly creative, hilarious, star-studded commercial featuring Seth Rogan or maybe that Ryan Gosling fella.

As it turns out, Google will simply be re-using the original Google Home launch commercial that we saw in October, back when it, the Google Pixel, and Google Daydream View were announced. That video garnered upwards of 1 million views, so there’s a good chance you’ve already seen it. For those that haven’t, you don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl to check it out, we’ve gone ahead and posted it for you above.

For those that already own Google Home, here’s a few Super Bowl related terms you can ask the smart speaker, courtesy of Google:

Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or just watching the ads, your Google Assistant can help you get ready for the Super Bowl.
Just start with “Ok Google”.

  • What’s in 7 layer dip?
  • Add chips and guacamole to my shopping list
  • Set a 12 minute timer for nachos
  • What is a football made of?
  • Who’s the coach of the New England Patriots?
  • Where is the nearest sports bar?
  • Flip a coin
  • Play Lucky Trivia Sports
  • Play ‘Arena Rap Anthems’ on Google Play Music
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