Google Home gets a $5 million ad spot in the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest — if not the biggest, period — event for television advertising. Seeing as how a vast range of Americans will be watching the championship game live (last year’s contest was the most watched event in TV history, and that’s not counting online viewers), companies spend the most and put out their best ads to promote their products.

Chalk Google up as one who wants to be in the limelight this year. The company reportedly took a $5 million ad spot in the Super Bowl for Google Home.

We don’t expect it to be your typical Google ad for that amount and for the history of this stage. Most companies pull out their most unique and bold ideas to make the world take notice. Celebrity endorsements are usually launched at this scale, though we’re not sure Google has that much happening for Google Home.

Regardless, it should be big and we’ll be keeping an eye out during the game to see what it is they do (that’s if they don’t publish it ahead of time on YouTube).

[via AdAge]

Quentyn Kennemer
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