Pokemon GO reaches $1 billion in revenue faster than any other game


Pokemon GO’s popularity is well-documented. It took off like wildfire the day it was launched, and those download numbers are being translated into serious dollars.

The app is estimated to have pulled in $1 billion in revenue in the 7 months since its debut. To compare, Clash Royale reached just under $600 million in that same time frame since its own launch.

Much will be made about the dwindling numbers and hype of Pokemon GO, but there are multiple perspectives to be had in that regard. Never has a game grown so big so fast, so yes, some fall off is to be expected.

Niantic is as much to blame for that fall off as the simple changing tides, of course, seeing as how they’re slow to bring new and engaging features and content. But they’re working on it, and if they can somehow draw people back to the game then they’ll have no problem keeping this momentum up.

[via Sensor Tower]

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