Amazon Alexa can now help you enjoy media through Plex


Plex today announced a great new feature for users of their multimedia platform. You can now use Amazon Alexa to control playback, get suggestions, and more.

You can ask it to play specific songs or video, or has it suggest something to enjoy. Alexa will choose from a number of different things, including resuming the last show you’ve watched, rewatching something you haven’t seen in a long time, or something brand new.

To go along with that, they’ve announced support for webhooks, so developers can have their Plex tie into their smart home or perform other automated actions. Imagine being able to have your lights automatically dim once you start playback on that movie you’ve been wanting to see. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

For that, you’ll need to be a Plex Pass subscriber, and, well, we have to wait for someone to actually make that as Plex hasn’t made any such hooks themselves, only providing example apps for developers to tinker and learn with. But, if you can get a Plex Pass Pro Installer in your area to come to your home and hook your entertainment center up, they can get you going with hooks to fit your exact needs.

[via Plex]

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