Multi-card wallet Coin shutdown after Fitbit acquisition


Back in 2013 a lot of companies had the same idea. We carry around multiple cards in our wallets every day, which means wallets have to accommodate all those cards. But what if you could just carry around one card with you, that was capable of being all those cards the instant you needed them? This was the concept behind Coin, a multi-card wallet.

The idea behind Coin is certainly an interesting one, but the execution from Coin itself is where the idea has fallen apart. Pre-orders for the devices went unfulfilled even to this day, as there is a section in the goodbye post FAQ that pertains with how to receive a refund if you never received your Coin.

Coin never reached mainstream success because of constant delays and problems with hardware, as well as problems getting hardware into hands of customers. As one early adopter sums up the concept:

The problem is it is so unreliable that you HAVE to carry a backup card with you at all time to the point that it’s just easier to use the backup instead of the Coin.

So what about people who actually ordered one of these finicky devices? Since the acquisition of the company by Fitbit, the company has stopped making new Coin multi-cards. Starting February 28, 2017 the product services will be shutdown. For those with working devices, it will continue to work until the battery wears out, which is about two years from activation.

It’s worth nothing that the February 28th shutdown includes the Coin mobile app, so you won’t be able to add or change cards on your device after that period. Additionally, the shutdown announcement includes the news that the warranty for current Coin cards has expired as of today’s announcement.
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