32GB Pixel C tablet no longer available in the Google Store


Back in September of 2015 Google unveiled the Pixel C, a premium quality Android tablet and dock that was meant to showcase what Android tablets are capable of doing. The whole Pixel line of products is Google’s new focus on a premium brand with a premium feel, but the tablet line is certainly due for a refresh after the debut of the Pixel phones last year.

It’s interesting to note that the 32GB Pixel C tablet is no longer available to purchase on the Google Store, but the 64GB version is still present. A quick cursory glance around various retailers like Amazon show the same model out of stock, but B&H Photo says that more are coming soon.

Will the 32GB tablet come back in stock or are we looking at the last of the Pixel C devices as we inch closer to Google I/O? In August of last year, some users found a new page on the Google Store that seemed to suggest that a refresh of the Pixel C was in order. Google also offered $100 off the 64GB Pixel C version in December, so perhaps the company is trying to clear stock of these old tablets.
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