Verizon offers unlimited international minutes add-on for $15 a month


Earlier this week, AT&T announced new $10 day passes for international travel to make it less of a headache for frequent travelers. Now it looks like Verizon is set to do something similar with its new Unlimited Together World plan.

For an extra $15 a month on top of what you already pay, the Unlimited Together plan allows you to use unlimited minutes to landline phones in more than 70 countries, and unlimited mobile minutes in 40 countries. More than 160 countries are available at discounted rates on the plan, too.

It’s worth nothing that this plan completely trounces what AT&T is offering its $10 a day passes, as both networks bill your usage at your domestic rate while you’re on either plan. Where Verizon differs from AT&T with their new plan is it doesn’t seem to offer unlimited international texting. Bummer.
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