Netflix now allows you to save content to a microSD card


Netflix had a spectacular year last year with more than 7 million new subscribers for the fourth quarter of the year, which is the largest quarterly growth in the company’s history. It’s no small feat either, considering Netflix is steadily adding new streams of original content that you just can’t find anywhere else.

They’ve also done a lot to improve the app experience on both Android and iOS devices, as offline playback was finally added in November of last year. That’s great when you’ve got a long flight or train ride ahead of you, but it introduced a new problem for users. Having to juggle internal storage space on a 32GB or 64GB device becomes tricky when you start adding movies for offline playback.

That’s why the newest update to Netflix now allows you to select a download location for these files. You can select your internal storage, or any microSD card you may have slotted in your phone. Of course, you’ll have to grant storage permissions to the app to use this feature, but this is an amazing boon for anyone who likes to keep ready-to-watch content just in case.

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