Here’s everything that was removed in the Google Voice update


Yesterday, Google surprised everyone and pushed an update to Google Voice that was years in the making. The application has been updated across Android, iOS, and the Web, and brings a much-needed facelift to an app that many thought was practically forgotten.

However, while the update added new features to the mobile app, Google also removed quite a few features. Some of these features include the removal of the Android app widget, marking messages as unread or starred, and you can no longer dial a new phone number from the web client.

Some of these features can be accessed via the “Legacy Google Voice” web client, which is available in the Google Voice Settings panel on the web. As for the other features that were removed, here’s the full list:

Features not available in the new apps (Visit the legacy website to access these):

  • Some settings — The updated apps don’t support changing all the existing Google Voice settings (e.g. voicemail greeting). To change one of the missing settings, open the left navigation in the web client and click “Legacy Google Voice” and change your settings there.
  • Batch actions (e.g. to delete multiple messages at a time). Please visit the legacy website to delete multiple messages at a time
  • Number porting, number deletion, number transfer between accounts
  • Adding credit for paid calls, billing history
  • Calling on web — only available to numbers you have communicated with already (by text, phone or voicemail). You cannot dial a new number on web
  • Marking as unread, marking as starred
  • Activating Google Voice voicemail on a linked number
  • The Android app widget

Have you downloaded the new Google Voice update? Let us know what you think about the update and what other changes could be made.

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