Chrome OS will have a wide variety of form factors, according to Google


At CES this year, both Samsung and ASUS introduced new Chromebooks that are well tailored to running Android apps with their touchscreens and the ability to flip into a tablet if necessary. That appears to be the future of Chrome OS according to Rajen Sheth, who serves as the director of products for Android and Chrome.

According to Sheth, these new 2-in-1 convertible devices are just a stepping stone to expanding Chrome OS to more form factors and getting the OS into more hands thanks to its versatility. Specifically, Google wants to make sure that touchscreen support for Chrome OS is great.

“We have put a lot of investment into the touch UI and making touch a great experience on the Chromebook. You’re going to continue to see that happen. And what that’s going to do is it’s going to open up the possibilities for OEMs to have an even wider variety of form factors. You may expect everything from detachables to tablets based on Chrome OS down the line.

It’s interesting that Sheth mentions detachables and tablets here, since the last Pixel tablet that Google made was essentially both of those. Is it possible we’ll see another Pixel tablet from Google running Chrome OS instead of Android? With all the improvements made to Chrome OS to be used in other form factors, one could hope.

Would you be interested in buying a Pixel tablet that runs Chrome OS?

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