Samsung confirms the Galaxy Note 8 will launch later this year


Here we are in January and Samsung has already confirmed that a new flagship device will launch later this year. During last night’s Galaxy Note 7 press conference, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will be launched after MWC 2017. However, leading up to the press conference, D.J. Koh, Samsung’s head of mobile, confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 would be released.

“I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8″

There were many that were questioning whether Samsung would avoid launching a new Galaxy Note product after the Note 7 debacle. There were concerns that the brand would be tarnished to the point of no return, with more rumors that Samsung would launch a larger version of the Galaxy S8 to replace the Note lineup.

As long as Samsung follows through on its 8-point battery safety check, then we likely won’t have much to worry about anymore. Hopefully after the release of the Galaxy S8, all of these battery concerns will be put to bed.



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