Samsung confirms the Galaxy S8 won’t be unveiled at MWC 2017


Yesterday was a busy day for Samsung as the company revealed its findings for what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to be recalled twice. If you want to learn more about that, you can do so here, but the company also confirmed some rumors about the Galaxy S8.

Instead of introducing its latest flagship at Mobile World Congress, as has been the tradition for a few years, Samsung confirmed the Galaxy S8 wouldn’t be unveiled until after MWC 2017. The company did not state the reasons for the delay in launching its latest flagship.

However, considering all of the possible concerns with the device following the Note 7 debacle, it’s likely that Samsung is taking its time with the testing process for the Galaxy S8. This comes after Samsung announced a new “8-point battery safety check” for future devices.

Initial reports have stated that Samsung is aiming to unveil the Galaxy S8 at an April event in New York. It’s likely that Samsung will still be involved in the MWC 2017 festivities, but we will have to wait even longer before being able to see the latest and greatest offerings.



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