LG G6 gets leaked in high resolution ahead of MWC 2017


Just after we received news that the Samsung Galaxy S8 wont be making an appearance at this year’s Mobile World Congress, LG’s competing flagship devices gets leaked in a high-resolution photo. Well, half of it anyway. I’m not going to say this was deliberate, but the timing certainly is convenient.

The Verge received a leaked image of the G6 which LG has already confirmed will be announced on February 26th in Barcelona. According to rumors, the phone will come with a larger 5.7-inch display and, as you can see from the leaked images, has cute little rounded corners. What isn’t shown in the photos is the G6’s 90% screen-to-bezel ratio, a new number the competing Galaxy S8 is also striving for.

LG will also reportedly be ditching the modular nature of last year’s LG G5 for a more structurally sound water proofed device and if the rounded metal frame shown in these leaks is any indication, LG’s new flagship could finally feature a metal unibody design. The good news is headphone jack remains intact, something we’ve been hoping to hold onto for at least another year.

This latest leak really is nothing short of a tease, where the back of the phone would be more telling of its new design. Apparently, LG will be sticking to a rear mounted fingerprint sensor and dual-camera setup like flagships before it (which may have been shown in this case leak a few days ago) and the G6 could be one of the first non-Pixel Android devices to ship with Google Assistant. In all honesty, we can’t wait to see more of the LG G6 when it’s formally unveiled next month at MWC 2017.

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