10 Hottest Android Stories This Week (January 22nd)


The amount of Android news each week can be overwhelming, but you can follow the best of the best with an app called EarlyBird – News for Android. It includes ALL of the Android news you crave and lets users decide what matters most to them.

EarlyBird has recently received a huge update that allows you to subscribe to specific topics so you never miss stories about your favorite things! Download the app on the Google Play Store or, for desktop users, find related discussion in the Android Forums News section.

Here’s what you picked as your favorite news stories for the week:

#10 – Android Phone Storage Folders

52 likes – If you’ve been wondering exactly how the Android File Manager works, then the folks at Android Authority have compiled an in-depth guide which explains everything.

#9 – Play Store GMS Certified

53 likes – A new update to the Play Store adds a Device certification menu which will tell you whether the device is running Google Mobile Services with Google’s permission.

#8 – Power Bank Deal

53 likes – The Kmashi 10,000mAh portable charger is on sale through Amazon for just $9. In order to get the discount from $14 to $9, you’ll need to use the coupon code, “JU7GRCLG“.

#7 – Google Offline Search

54 likes – Google has announced a new update for the the Google app introduces offline search, as well as the ability to queue searches while you’re on a poor network connection.

#6 – 15 Useful Android Apps

54 likes – Joe from Android Authority took a look at some of the most useful Android apps and compiled a list of the best 15 options. The list includes Applock, CamScanner, IFTTT, and more.

#5 – Play Store Top Features

55 likes – A new update to the Google Play Store is rolling out to select users which shows the best features mentioned in Play Store ratings.

#4 – New Android File System

57 likes – According to the Android Developers Backstage podcast, someone mentioned that Google is working on a new filesystem for Android.

#3 – Cortana Android Lock Screen

58 likes – Microsoft has just pushed a new update to the Cortana Android application, which will give users access to Cortana with just a swipe.

#2 – Gmail Phishing Attack

62 likes – A new phishing attack poses as an official email from Google and attempts to access your username and password when clicked.

#1 – Android Customization Guide

64 likes – Since Android is extremely customizable, the folks at Ars Technica created a “Android Customization Guide” which shows you everything that’s possible with your device.

What’s YOUR top news item for the week?

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