Nokia 6 sold out in 1 minute


The Nokia 6 launched in China earlier today, and apparently demand over there for the smartphone is pretty good. The device sold out in just 1 minute.

As you’d expect, it was a flash-style sale that has become all too popular among the Chinese manufacturers, but apparently it works for them.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure how many units they’ve actually sold. Nokia boasted about having 1 million pre-registrations, so if initial stock teetered even on the side of 50,000 units then that doesn’t sound like an unreasonable conversation rate. (But without any actual official numbers, we’re talking just to talk.)

Our hope is that strong sales in China will encourage Nokia to consider spreading love to other markets in due time. They’ve said in the past that their aspirations are on a global scale, so we’ll have to wait and see whether they live up to those expectations.

[via Playful Droid]

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