Verizon launches $55 plan with 5GB of data


Verizon has a new individual plan to offer folks who don’t need to gorge on data. Aptly named $55 for 5GB, the plan is as you’d assume: it offers a 5GB bucket of data, plus all the Unlimited Talk and Text you can handle, for $55 (or $60 if you don’t use Auto Pay).

The plan serves as a stopgap between the company’s current Medium and Large plans which offer 4GB for $50 and 8GB + 2GB per line for $70, respectively.

The idea here is that most folks don’t use more than 5GB of data. Verizon attempts to make it sound like a vast minority with only 1 out of 5 people using more than 5GB, but that’s still a respectable figure of 20% of their hundreds of millions of customers.

So, if you use more than 4GB of data but never seem to go beyond 5GB, this plan is for you. Figure out your monthly numbers to see if it’s any better for you than Verizon’s current offers. It’s said to be a limited time offer so be sure to decide soon, and get ready for its arrival on January 24th.

[via Verizon]

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