Google Maps starts rolling out parking availability


It seems Google is finally rolling out new functionality in Google Maps designed to tell you what to expect in terms of parking availability at your destination. The app can show you expected parking availability for any given destination, though it mainly seems geared toward public hotspots like malls and restaurants.

An icon will show up blue and show either Medium or Easy, which obviously refers to how easy it’ll be to find reasonable parking. If parking is limited, the icon will turn red.

We’re not sure how accurate the info would be for any given scenario, but it’s said Google has been asking Local Guides to give info on how easy it was to find parking for places they visit. It’d be crowdsourced information in that case, though it should be used more as a guideline as conditions can obviously change for any given number of reasons.

As for the availability of the feature in the app, it doesn’t sound like Google is doing widespread rollouts just yet, so we’re not sure how, exactly, folks are selected to get it. It may just be light server-side A/B testing, or we could be drumming up to a bigger release. We’ll try to find the answer to that, but let us know if you’re seeing it in the meantime.

[via AndroidPolice]

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