You can now buy the Le Pro3 and Le S3 at Target


If you haven’t yet picked up the LeEco Le Pro3 or the Le S3 during one of their numerous holiday promotions, you can now find the devices on Target’s website. There’s no indication that Target will be selling these devices in store, but the brand recognition could certainly help LeEco with its US expansion.

LeEco is in a bit of trouble itself after expanding much too rapidly in several different key areas, so it’s likely trying to make the most of sales now that it’s finally made the jump to the US. Tech-savy readers will remember that LeEco bought Vizio early last year, which likely helped fuel its expansion into the US.

Our own Joe Fedewa reviewed the LeEco Le Pro 3 when it first became available in the US last year, giving the device a score of 3.9/5. Joe mentions the performance of the device being great for what it is, but it’s ruined by bad software while being pretty “meh” everywhere else. He notes the performance and battery life make the phone worth $299 if you can deal with the janky software.

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