Verizon has started seeding the “killswitch” update for the Note 7


We’ll spare you all of the details as to why it’s happening, but the 4 major US carriers are preparing to release an update which kills the Galaxy Note 7. Initially, Verizon was pushing back against Samsung, stating the carrier would not seed the update due to various reasons surrounding emergency needs and the holidays.

However, Verizon changed course and decided to play nice with Samsung and confirmed the update would be coming. Today seems to be the day as Verizon has started pushing the update to owners of the Galaxy Note 7.

The update does nothing more than remove the charging capability from Note 7, rendering the device useless. Of course, you’ll be able to use your Note 7 until the battery is dead, but once it’s gone, the device is gone forever.

So if you’re an owner of this device, you’ll want to backup your data ASAP and then head to your local Verizon location to snag a new device. There seems to be some pretty good deals over at Verizon, so now may be one of the best times to switch to a great device that won’t catch fire.



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