Someone got a Cyanogen update on their Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus


Last week was a sad one as Cyanogen announced it would be closing its doors and halting all support for CyanogenMod as of December 31st. Some of the developers have moved onto Lineage OS, but there are some devices, such as the lineup from Wileyfox, were released with Cyanogen’s software.

Image courtesy of Reddit

However, with the Cyanogen doors closing, there were some concerns about future support. This prompted one former Cyanogen developer to warn users against updating the software, regardless of an OTA update notification.

This has left one owner of the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus wondering what to do after an update arrived on their device. The update claims that it contains nothing more than bug fixes, but the update is fairly large, weighing in at 460.6MB.

Considering the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus was just released in early November, it’s a bit disheartening to have to worry about whether you should update your new device. Luckily, thanks to the root community, you can head over to the XDA Forums and root/ROM your device to stop needing to worry about any bad eggs.



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