HTC could release 3 new phones in the next 3 months


The HTC 10 was one of our favorite devices of 2016, and it still ranks high on our Best Android Phones list. However, HTC didn’t do that great this year. It looks like they are trying to change that in 2017 with a trio of new devices. A new rumor out of Taiwan claims HTC will launch 3 new smartphones in Q1 of next year.

We already know about the first device, which will most likely be announced at the January 12th event. This is the mid-range HTC X10. The other two devices are a little more unknown. We could see the HTC 11 (Ocean) at Mobile World Congress. The third phone could be the “Ocean Note,” which is a phablet version of the HTC 11.

Keep in mind that this is speculation based on rumors. The most-likely scenario is the HTC X10 next month. Are you interested in an HTC device? Do you currently use an HTC device?

[via AndroidHeadlines]

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