Samsung profits climb back into the right direction despite Galaxy Note 7 blow


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s failure was a major blow to Samsung, but it seems the company is having no issues getting back on track. After seeing profits fall in Q3 2016 due to their failures, they’ve returned to growth.

Financial analysts are predicting an operating income of 8.7 trillion won (about $7 billion), up from 5.2 trillion the previous period. Granted, much of this is coming from the company’s other businesses, including semiconductors.

While the mobile division had to take a multi-billion dollar loss to the chin, Samsung’s weight in the electronics game is strong enough for the company to pick itself up, dust itself off, and give it another honest try with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. That, coupled with a consensus that Samsung hasn’t lost much of the public’s trust with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 situation, could have the company feeling quite confident as they head into 2017.

[via Korea Times]

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