First leaked render of the LG G6 shows a familiar design


2016 is nearly over, and all of the exciting flagship phones from the last year are becoming old news. We’ve already been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S8, but now LG wants to get in on the fun. We’ve got our first look at renders of the LG G6. The LG G5 wasn’t a huge hit, which makes the G6 even more important for LG.

As you can see from the render, the design of the G6 is very similar to the G5. Dual-cameras and a fingerprint sensor are positioned on the back. It has the same shape profile as the LG V20. The design of the G5 wasn’t loved by everyone, but it wasn’t ugly by any means. It will be interesting to see if LG sticks with the “modular” design from the G5. LG never pushed the feature very hard, which leads us to believe they will ditch it.

What do you think about the G6? The G5 wasn’t very popular, but it was actually a very good phone. Unfortunately for LG, that doesn’t matter if no one buys it. Will you be considering the G6 for your next phone?

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