Does your Google Home stop playing music randomly? You’re not alone


I’ve been using my Google Home speaker since the device released in early November. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions with the device, being impressed by the service but also let down by the stunning lack of features in the current generation of devices. I wasn’t displeased with it until this morning when I asked it to play a song and it stopped in the middle of the song.

It’s never done this before, so I asked it to switch to a different song using a different service. Even while playing YouTube videos it seems Google Home experiences this problem. Curious, I decided to take to the internet to see if other users are experiencing this problem with their devices. Turns out, I’m definitely not alone.

In a post titled “Google Home Stops playing Music after very short period” and first dated November 12th, just a week after the launch of Google Home, several people are reporting the exact same problem I experienced this morning with my device.

Currently, when we ask Google Home to play a playlist or any music, it will play a short time (never a whole song) and stop. This happens both when using voice commands to play or when casting from another device (phone or computer). The problem is not present when streaming through Chrome and computer speakers, or the phone.

This describes my issue exactly. Google Tech Support has posted to the forum to ask users to help further troubleshoot. One of the fixes they suggest trying is muting the microphone, which certainly wouldn’t address issues with the unit shutting off while playing a song that was requested via voice.

Other posts in the thread suggest it may be an ISP problem, but as someone else notes they’re able to stream 4K content from Netflix just fine, while Google Home interrupts itself during the middle of the song as if its connection is bad.

The last post in this thread is from as recently as Wednesday with someone experiencing the same problem, so I think it’s safe to say Google doesn’t have a fix for this one just yet. So far my device has only done it two times this morning and after subsequent requests, it was able to play music through the entirety of the song.

Do you have a Google Home and have you noticed your device stopping playback during the middle of music from any source? Let us know in the comments.
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