Dec 23rd, 2016

The good folks at iFixIt have shared a list of the most (and least) repairable smartphones from 2016. Most people don’t bother with repairing their phones, but that hasn’t stopped iFixIt from tearing down every new gadget under the sun. They know what they are talking about. Here is their best and worst:

Most Repairable

  1. LG G5
  2. Pixel
  3. iPhone 7
  4. iPhone SE

Least Repairable

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Phones with removable batteries are generally more easy to take apart, which is why the G5 scored so highly (8/10). The Galaxy phones, on the other hand, went away from a more modular design, which made them harder to repair (3/10). Have you ever tried to repair a phone?

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