ASUS teases 2 phones in latest CES video


It’s no secret by now that ASUS will have a pretty big presence at CES 2017, at least as far as mobile phones are concerned. Their latest teaser seemingly confirms that they’ll have at least 2 phones to trot out onto the stage whenever they do make their announcement.

While the phones showed in the video don’t offer up any details on their own, we can make a really educated guess based on other elements and previous statements. For one, we’re obviously getting a Tango phone.

Not only did ASUS confirm as much earlier this month, the video places a lot of emphasis on how technology helps us understand the ever-widening universe. It could be taken as direct correlation of how a Tango phone can at least understand the space of the room or environment it’s in. And that whole universe part? Probably just an overstated idiom for saying there’s so much you can learn thanks to this technology.

Cryptic teaser messages aside, there’s still the matter of the second phone. Are we getting 2 Tango phones? ASUS never said they only had one, after all — just that they had one on the way.

It’s a plausible suggestion considering they are emphasizing a model with a “competitive” price point (read: mid-range), and there’s no good reason they can’t match that with a high-end beast. Also, it takes 2 to Tango. I’m here all week, folks!

We’re only a couple of weeks out from CES and we’ll be there, so be sure to get the news here once their January 4th event goes down.

Quentyn Kennemer
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