Dec 20th, 2016

The unique photo-altering app Prisma uses algorithms to tweak photos to resemble famous works of art based on their unique style, but before the most recent update, you were limited to creating a perfect square of your photo. This usually meant chopping down the photo and only capturing a limited part of it.

Now in a new update that brings a location-based feed, you’re no longer limited to creating square masterpieces of your photos. With the new freeform ratio, the developers behind Prisma have improved the photo resolution of your result by double, which means your newly created artwork is more crisp than before.

The location-based feed only shows content that you choose to share with those around you, but the more people around you who like it mean it will be passed farther away from the original user. It’s a unique idea that seems to incorporate the idea behind Secret and some of those other location-based communication apps, but with a unique twist for sharing great photos.

The update should be live now, so head on over to Google Play to download it and try it out.

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