Dec 20th, 2016

Instagram’s transition to a full-blown Snapchat clone is now one step nearer to complete. The Facebook-owned social network announced today that they’re finally giving users the ability to add stickers to their Stories, Instagram’s alternate “here today, gone tomorrow” portion of the app.

Kicking off the introduction of stickers are festive snowmen, Christmas trees, and even specific time/weather/location data filters. Along with the fun stuff, usability improvements include the ability to download an entire day’s Story as a single video, a single press-to-record for video (hands-free recording), and unlimited text boxes.

Comparisons to Snapchat are a given, and something not even Instagram is trying to avoid at this point. To the contrary, for every headline placing Instagram as the new place for all the best Snapchat features, it’s something that’s sure to keep current users from transitioning over, or even bring in more people — like celebrities and their legions of fans — who can take advantage of Instagram’s superior tool set.

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