Lenovo practically confirms another Tango device


It seems like Lenovo is really digging Tango. The company was the first to ship a Tango phone in the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, and now they’re teasing that more will be on the way.

GM of Android and Chrome for Lenovo, Jeff Meredith, said it only makes sense for Lenovo to work on new Tango phones for 2017 considering other manufacturers will be stepping into the fold. One of those manufacturers is already confirmed to be ASUS, who says they’ll have a competitive option coming as soon as CES in early January.

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro JAD_0410

His point was that Lenovo will have a leg up on everyone. They’ll be in the second generation of their new product line, which means they’ll have more experience, which hopefully means they’ll continue to have the best device.

None of that is certain, though. Lenovo’s first take on Tango was pretty damn good, so why wouldn’t anyone else’s first take be just as good? Google figured out the implementation of this tech once, so it’ll be that much easier for newbies to start fabricating their own goods. It’s not like they have any R&D to work through or anything of the sort — that was taken care of by Google.

What this does mean is that Tango phones are almost assuredly going to remain affordable and can only get better from here on out as more players start to catch on and attempt to one-up each other. We say let the games begin.

[via Android Authority]

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