These $400 headphones have Amazon Alexa built-in



A company called ONVOCAL has announced a new headset that features Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa built in. Called the OV, the company says this is the first intelligent headphone that can allow you to directly interact with your own personal assistant. The company says it will work with Alexa, Siri, and Google but it makes a big deal out of its Alexa integration which is much more robust.

Just by tapping a button and speaking, you can access Amazon Music Unlimited, Audible, Kindle, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio and more, all with just the sound of your voice. The company worked directly with Amazon to make sure the OV headphones are compatible with Alexa’s more than 5,000 skills.

OV also says the headphones contain a suite of intelligent sound controls so you can tune exactly what you want to hear. The settings offer control of Ambient, Voice, and Chat controls so you can boost, block, or mix them until your heart’s content. Ambient control allows you to hear what’s happening around you, voice control allows you to hear your own voice, and the chat button dips music volume and turns up Ambient and Voice so you don’t have to take off your earbuds to talk to those around you.

The headset is available for pre-order starting today at $399 on Onvocal’s website. The site says pre-orders will begin being filled starting January 2017.
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