Facebook Messenger becomes a bit more festive with its new built-in camera



Facebook has announced a few new features for the Messenger application to celebrate the holidays. The company has integrated a new camera function which is built-in and offers users the ability to add various special effects to your pictures.

We’re also introducing a place to find new art and special effects. We are especially excited to debut 3D masks and special effects, which make it super easy to apply an artistic filter to your full screen photo and to turn your world into a work of art. Try them out — you can take a selfie and transform into a reindeer or play with falling snow or even just ask someone how they are doing — it’s the perfect way to spread a little happiness in your messages.

The shutter button now shows up in the middle of the screen, and will automatically open the camera once pressed. From there, you can add various special effects and 3D masks for the holidays.

Facebook has also included “thousands” of new stickers, frames, and masks which allow you to customize your pictures to your heart’s content. The company has collaborated with different artists and influencers to bring different customization options to our smartphones.

Finally, the latest update comes with some special features for those who use Messenger as their primary SMS application. You can now draw on a blank palette or add stickers to your text messages before sending them.

The update is now available for both iOS and Android, so you won’t have to worry about sending your iOS friends a picture of you as Rudolph and them not being able to see it. Give us a heads up how the update is once you try out these new filters and customizations for your messages among your closest friends.

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