Samsung’s plan to get rid of flat displays may not translate into sales


The Galaxy S8 is turning out to be yet another one of the most leaked devices despite Samsung’s best efforts to keep everything under wraps. The company attempted to squelch any potential rumors for the device by notifying its suppliers to keep their lips sealed, but that hasn’t stopped information to be revealed on a daily basis.

Now, the latest rumor suggests that we will no longer see an “Edge” version of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy device. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this rumor, as Samsung Mobile head Dong-jin Koh already hinted at the disappearance of the Galaxy S8 with a flat display.

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The device is now rumored to feature two different display options, but both will include dual-curved displays instead. Both the 5.5 and 6.2-inch devices will feature the same features that were present on the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but this may not be the best move.

Samsung appears to be pushing dual-edge screens to distinguish its design rather than from an efficiency perspective. In order to boost efficiency, Samsung needs to unveil foldable devices, which can be used as both smartphones and tablets.

– Peter Lee, NH Investment & Securities

The reason for this change is due to Samsung looking to innovate in the flagship space and is hoping for the Galaxy S8 to help the company bounce back after the Galaxy Note 7 issues. However, according to one analyst, there are still concerns about how well the device will perform when it comes time for customers to hit the stores.

As for what else the device is rumored to bring, the displays are expected feature a 90% screen-to-body ratio, 6GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage, along with the removal of the home button. The Galaxy S8 is also rumored to feature a dual-camera setup on the rear of the device, and the display will be pressure-sensitive, similar to the iPhone’s “Force Touch” technology.

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