Imagine a future where all Samsung phones have curved displays


Done imagining? Great. Well, it’s time to seriously start thinking about whether you’re OK with that. Samsung Mobile head Dong-jin Koh spoke with the Korea Herald regarding the Edge display and its future in Samsung products.

By his own admission, Samsung is thinking about making the Edge display standard on all their flagship smartphones going forward. No longer would there be the Samsung Galaxy S7 (or S8, or S9) Edge — it’d just be the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, or S9… with an Edge display.

galaxy-note-7 (2)

We’ve already seen Samsung kick the habit of needing to launch 2 different devices starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That device comes standard with a curved display, and despite the many flat prototypes swimming about that will remain true for the foreseeable future. We also notice how Samsung says the Edge variants of their devices are far and away the top performers compared to their flat counterparts.

And if sales weren’t a big enough motivation to push the most popular device they can, then perhaps the cost savings on their end of the operation would help. Samsung’s portfolio gets streamlined down to 2 main flagships per year, which reduces the money and time spent in R&D, the money and time spent in manufacturing and operating costs, and frees up the production schedule to push out more devices fast. It cuts down on the need to order 2 separate pools of raw material. It allows Samsung to reduce market confusion and allows for a more streamlined approach to marketing.

By all accounts, it’s definitely a move worth considering, and that’s exactly what Samsung is said to be doing. Whether they’ll actually go through with the strategy remains to be seen, but will you be ready for an all-Edge future if they do? Despite the popularity of the Edge models since Samsung began producing them in 2015, there’s still a sizable (and vocal) bunch who maintain that flat is the way to go. Hit us below and let us know your thoughts.

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