Samsung’s foldable phones could use detachable camera lenses


Samsung seems to have a new foldable phone patent every few weeks these days. The company has filed for yet another design which could be the basis for a forthcoming foldable smartphone.


This time, the company is toying around with the idea of protruding or even detachable camera lenses. This would presumably allow you to use the phone like a point-and-shoot digital camera without the bulk to go along with it.

The basic concept seems really familiar compared to previous leaks, though, where there are 2 pivot points for the phone to fold onto its self and cover the main display area.


Of course, patents are just patents and Samsung is likely going to play around with a lot of different ideas before they start machining any prototypes. Expect to see a lot more takes on this concept as the technology to support it goes mainstream next year.

[via GalaxyClub]

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