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It can be very daunting to get started with home automation. What brands work together? Should you replace lightbulbs or switches? How much will it all cost? You can go down a rabbit hole and never climb out.

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Our newest entry in the 2016 Gift Guide is a great place to start. Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home from your phone, save energy, and create cool recipes and actions with the internet. And when you get more home automation devices the smart thermostat can be used as the central hub. We’ve got 5 great smart thermostats for you to check out.


Nest Ecobee3 Ecobee3 Lite Honeywell Lyric  Sensi Smart
nest ecobee3 ecobee3-lite honeywell-lyric  sensi-smart
Price: $240
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Price: $240
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Price: $170
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Price: $145
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Price: $102
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Nest 3rd Gen


The Nest Learning Thermostat is the device that kicked off the smart thermostat trend. It gets its name from the ability to learn your habits and automatically adjust the temperature to fit your needs. One big benefit of the Nest is that it works with a wide variety of apps and smart devices. It can be the hub of your smart home.

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The Ecobee3 is very similar to the Nest. It can learn about your habits and detect when people are home. The thing that sets the Ecobee3 apart is the sensors that can be placed throughout your home. This allows the thermostat to know the temperature in more than just one room. The Ecobee3 works with a wide variety of apps and devices as well.

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Ecobee3 Lite


The Ecobee3 Lite is the exactly the same as the regular Ecobee3, but it doesn’t have the sensors. If you don’t have a large home or you don’t care about having sensors in other rooms, this is the model you want. It’s $30 cheaper and works with the same apps and devices.

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Honeywell Lyric


Honeywell was the big name in thermostats until Nest came around. They were slow to jump on the smart device train, but now they have the Honeywell Lyric. It looks a lot like the Nest, but not quite as elegant. One cool feature is the “feels like” temperature, which takes humidity into consideration. The Lyric also works with many apps and devices.

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Sensi Smart Thermostat


If you’re not ready to drop $200 on a thermostat, but still want some smart features, the Sensi Smart Thermostat is a nice middle ground. You can get it for only $102, but it still connects to WiFi and works with Amazon Alexa. You can control it from anywhere with the mobile app and set up a 7-day schedule to reduce wasteful heating and cooling.

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Giveaway: Honeywell Lyric


Our Holiday spirit continues with another great giveaway! Click the button above to enter for a chance to win the Honeywell Lyric. The Lyric doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Nest and Ecobee3, but it has more features than the Sensi Smart. It’s a great smart thermostat to get you started.

The giveaway will run for 7 days. After that, 1 winner will be selected and notified by Amazon. All you have to do is click the button above and follow us on Twitter to qualify. You can also follow us at the places below to know when new giveaways go live. Good luck!

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