Bring back the slick “new phone” feeling to your display using this amazing wax


There are few things in this world better than taking a brand new smartphone out of the box and sliding your finger across that cold, silky smooth glass. It’s an almost sensual experience, one that mobile enthusiasts know very well. It has to do with the oleophobic coating manufacturers treat the glass with, something that’s helps prevent oils from building up and making them easier to wipe off when they do.

The problem is that over time, this wonderful coating gradually begins to wear off — quicker on some devices than others — eventually creating uncomfortable finger drag and unsightly grease smudges that are almost impossible to remove without some kind of cleaner. This has been the case with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which has since been stripped completely dry of its coating, more so than other devices I own.

My quest to find a way to infuse the display with a fresh new coating, I came across this miracle wax for prescription glasses. It’s called “Smitty’s Glass Wax” and apparently, it’s some kind of miracle wax that has a variety of applications (not just your glasses). Everything from computer screens, glasses to, you guessed it: smartphone displays — basically anything that has a tendency to pick up fingerprints and other grime.

Does it work?


It doesn’t work exactly the same way as the oleophobic coating that came on your phone, but it’s the next best thing. In fact, reviewers absolutely swear by it, with the tiny bottle garnering nearly perfect reviews on Amazon. I, personally, found that it does bring back that slick glass feeling (something long absent on my Galaxy S7) and although fingerprints will still build up, they’re now extremely easy to wipe off. Results are definitely much better on a brand new phone and can be used to help prevent the factory oleophobic coating from wearing off.

Note: Smitty’s does not remove scratches (where the majority of negative reviews are coming from), so don’t bother buying if you’re hoping to find something for this purpose.

How easy is it to apply?

To apply it, simply place a few small dots on your display and smear it around with a finger or Q-Tip. There’s no need to wait for anything to dry, just immediately wipe off with the included microfiber cleaning cloth and you’re all set. When it comes to my phone, I only apply every 3 or so days, just to keep it feeling slick, but your results may vary.

Verdict: insta-buy


Just the fact that you can use this stuff on so many different things, made it an easy instant buy for me. Whether you’re looking to polish and protect the oleophobic coating on your brand new phone, rejuvenate an old one, or use it for anything else (camera lenses, glasses, portable video game systems) Smitty’s is going to treat you right. It might even be a little addicting. You can find a bottle of ‘ol Smitty’s via the link below.

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