Google invites Live Case owners to join a research study (and yes, freebies are involved)


Google is doing another one of their research studies! The company sometimes holds public studies and invites everyday users like you and I to help shape their future development efforts.

This time around, the company is specifically calling on owners of Live Cases, which as of right now should only consist of those owning recent Nexus and Pixel phones as those are the only phones Google has released them for. There are no details on what the research study entails, but we imagine Google is looking to see how they can make Live Cases even more interesting or useful.

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If you want to sign up for the study, be sure to head here and input your details. Google admits that you’ll be more likely to be chosen if you live in the Bay Area of California (San Francisco and surrounding areas), but sign up anyway just in case as they do studies at other offices and even remotely. Don’t forget that Google also accepts general signups for other studies that may happen down the line, so if you aren’t already signed up for those then you should get on that.

As for this particular Live Case study, Google says a thank-you gift will be in order once you complete it. What that gift is? We don’t know, but free is free and it’s always nice to be surprised!

[via Reddit]

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