The Grand Tour guys can now guide you in Waze


The Grand Tour has launched on Amazon to great success (and hype). If you’ve found yourself addicted to the show — which is a fun and adventurous look into the world of automobiles — you can have them with you whenever you’re on the road.


Waze has launched a new voice pack that’ll have the guys from the show guiding you to your daily destinations. If you’ve ever seen the show, you’ll know that these guys are all a hoot and they make driving the most unintentionally hilarious activity ever.

Whether that translates to the app is yet to be determined. Anyway, to get the pack be sure to head to Settings > Sound > Voice Language and select “Clarkson, Hammond & May” inside of Waze. Those who want to check out The Grand Tour can sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial to do so.

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[via Waze]

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