Dead Zebra’s For Science Series 2 collectibles feature Charles Darwin and George Washington Carver


Dead Zebra is continuing their For Science line of Android Collectibles with their latest launch. If you don’t remember, this line was launched to celebrate the technological and scientific minds who helped usher in the advanced world we have today.

The first series of the set was introduced with Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, and Marie Curie. This time around, we’re getting George Washington Carver, Rosalind Franklin, and Charles Darwin.


They’ll cost you $10 each, or you can buy all three of them for $30 (though they’ll all come as if you bought them individually, so don’t feel pressed to get the set as you’re not missing anything commemorative).

Beyond that, the company also has a nice Cyber Monday sale going on for their other products, including Android-themed pins, scarves, stationary, display cases for their collectibles, and rugs. Discounts are as high as 50% off for those things. Oh, and if you want a MEGA Android collectible — 9 and 3/4 tall and 8.5 inches wide — those are just $40, down from $70. Have a look right here.

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