LG may be removing the best feature from its next “V” product lineup


When the LG V10 was introduced, it included a secondary display which allowed users to set shortcuts and view notifications at a glance. This was marked as a “key feature” for LG’s new lineup of products and was met with much excitement.  The LG V20 was released earlier this year and featured the same secondary display, with similar features, and was touted again as one of the best assets on a mobile device.


However, if renders obtained by Evan Blass are to go by, LG may be making a big mistake with the LG V30. According to a series of tweets by Blass, early renders of the V30 show that LG will be removing the secondary display.

As it has only been a couple of months since the release of the LG V20, it’s highly likely that things will change, but that hasn’t stopped Blass from sharing the early details. If LG does, in fact, remove the secondary display on the LG V30 this could be bad news for LG.

After the LG G5 flopped, the LG hopeful were waiting impatiently for the release of the V20 to see what LG did to right the ship. If the LG G6 suffers the same fate as its predecessor, LG fans may not have the same luxury next time around.


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