Samsung’s market share dives because of the Galaxy Note 7, but Apple did no better


As expected, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 caused a huge dive in market share. The company’s shipments dropped 14% compared to the same quarter last year, which was the biggest annual decline for Samsung since 2014.

Despite that, the company was still able to capture 19.2% of the overall market, which is still more than Apple’s 11.2%. Furthermore, Apple suffered a drop of their own, though not quite as severe as Samsung’s — they moved from 46 million units down to 43 million.

Both companies seemingly fell victim to the ongoing siege from Chinese manufacturers who are producing quality devices at aggressive prices. Both Huawei and Oppo increased smartphone shipments on the quarter compared to the same one a year ago, with Oppo nearly doubling their performance.

It’ll be interesting to see how all of this plays out going into the holiday season where smartphone deals and advertising will reach fever pitch. Samsung will still have some fresh devices to put out there up against Apple’s latest, and they may even be able to offer their most aggressive deals ever in this time of need.

No matter what happens, though, they’ll need to get back on track for 2017 with a successful Galaxy S8 launch, so we’re sure the bulk of their attention is already fixated on that.

[via Gartner]

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