Facebook is forced to stop collecting WhatsApp user data in Europe


Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would be collecting pieces of data from WhatsApp users in Europe. These pieces of information included device information and phone numbers, but caused an uproar due to privacy concerns.

Although the Terms of Service was updated and an opt-out option was included, Facebook is being forced to pressure from European regulators. Facebook began halting collection of WhatsApp data last week, but as of today will stop collecting data across all of Europe.

However, Facebook may be looking for a loophole as the company confirmed this may be a temporary suspension while further legal debates are conducted. The commission also stated that Facebook must delete all of the data that was received from its 35 million users in Germany with more countries expected to follow suit.

We’ll have to keep any eye on the situation as it continues to unfold, but what are your thoughts on Facebook collecting data? Should the social media giant be allowed to continue to do so, or should they be forced to stop? Let us know in the comments below.

[Financial Times]


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